San Diego Residents Reduce Energy Costs with Window Inserts

San Diego residents looking to reduce energy costs without retrofitting entire windows to low e-glass solutions can now effectively upgrade their current windows with high-performing window inserts.

Window offers San Diego homeowners a thrifty solution to upgrading home windows with performance-enhancing window inserts. These window inserts are manufactured from high-quality acrylic glazing and fixed into the inside of your existing window frame using patented Compression tubing, eliminating the need for mounting brackets.

interior-storm-windows-insertIndependent testing has shown that Indow window inserts can reduce sound penetration by 50-70% and provide a more than 20% reduction in energy costs. Indow window inserts have even proven to offer 94% of the insular value provided by standard double-paned windows.

Indow offers San Diego residents different types of window inserts, depending on the desired benefits for the home.

Standard Grade inserts offer a balance of comfort, energy savings, and noise reduction at reasonable prices, while Acoustic Grade offers around a 70% reduction in outside noise pollution. Museum Grade inserts protect household carpets and fabrics by blocking 98% of all UV rays from sunlight, while Shade Grade inserts are designed for warm climates like San Diego, blocking heat and offering Low-E replacement window performance at a fraction of the cost. Privacy Grade inserts are perfect for bathrooms and bedroom windows, blocking details and defined shadows while still allowing diffused light transmission.

If replacement windows aren’t in your budget this year, take a look at Indow window inserts; they provide most of the benefits of replacement windows at only a small portion of the cost.

Energy-Efficient Windows

By far, the best way of reducing your home utility bills is the use of energy-efficient windows. These are modern home improvement windows designed to keep cold air out and warm air in. Therefore, if you are tired of the often-deteriorating traditional windows, it could be time to try out these high-quality windows.

Below are several reasons why you should really consider investing in energy-efficient windows.


1. They are energy efficient

During the summer and winter seasons, you will not need to spend money looking for solutions to air leakage or entry into your house. Energy-efficient windows will take care of such kinds of problems. The type and condition of your window will determine your amount of savings. Moreover, there are numerous municipalities that give homeowners tax credit for having these windows in their homes.

2. They keep out noise

Besides retaining heat, energy-efficient windows are also designed to insulate your home against annoying external noise. These windows are well-sealed and actually have an innate soundproofing ability. If therefore your home is located in a very busy environment, you will be well protected from disturbing noise: sirens, roadway traffic, dogs barking, children playing amongst many more.

3. They are friendly to the environment

Energy-efficient windows are green-friendly. Due to the fact that less energy will be utilized by your conditioning and heating systems to keep your home at a favorable temperature; a lot of waste products will not be emitted by the fossil fuel sources such as natural gas or coal. Your household will hence become an eco-friendly environment.

4. They provide better insulation

Depending on the season or climate, energy-efficient windows will get rid of any cold or hot spots in your house rooms. They are designed to protect the interior of your home from the blazing heat in the summer, and to create a barrier against cold conditions in the winter so that your home remains warm. This way, your air conditioning system will also be relieved from a lot of work.


5. They protect your household items

These high-quality windows will also protect the interior of your house from the sun’s harmful rays. Your furniture will be less prone to damage; this includes wood, carpet, fabric, artwork as well as paper. The windows have protective coatings that will significantly reduce ultraviolet rays from penetrating into your home. These UV rays can be very destructive to your property and also harmful to you and your family.

6. They require less maintenance

In your entire home compound, there are just so many things to worry about in terms of maintenance and upkeep. Talk about clogged drainage, a cracked wall, or a bushy flowerbed…energy-efficient windows will not be part of your worries. Due to the less condensation buildup, there is a lower risk of mold infestation

For these reasons, when shopping for windows, whether for your new home or to replace the old ones, we strongly recommend that you consider energy-efficient windows.