How Much Does Window Installation Cost?

Windows form part of any home’s structure, and often when it comes to windows installation, there can be some hidden costs that homeowners may not be aware of.

Whether you are having new windows installed or just having your windows reinstalled again to provide a more snug fit, you need to be aware of the costs of window installation in order to avoid any surprises.

Having windows that are tight-fitting, well insulated, and sealed can mean the difference between an energy-efficient home and one with a high energy bill for heating and cooling costs. Knowing what to look for in an installer and a bit about price will also make a huge difference.


Window Installation Factors To Consider

There are several factors that affect the overall cost of window installation and knowing them can make the difference between you getting ripped off by your installer or having a great deal on some new windows. These factors include:

  • Number of windows to install
  • Window make and brand
  • Time of year

The Price of New Window Installations

The first factor that affects the price is the number of windows that you are having installed. Depending on the size, one or two windows may not cost a great deal of money, and you may be able to get away with $100. Generally, the installer will give you a quote per window so that you can have a basic idea of what it will cost for your whole project. In some cases, you can get a break from having multiple windows installed.

Another factor to consider is, of course, the type of window that is being installed.

If you are having windows of the exact same size as your existing windows, it is going to take far less time to get the project done, which means less overall cost.

For the exact same windows, an installer is not going to have a mason come in and alter the opening and there’s also no need to add any extra padding or hanging material, which can make the job shorter less labor-intensive.

Your contractor or installer will likely help you through any issues and will work with you to determine what type of window installation is going to work best for you.

Be sure to compare at least estimates from contractors in your locale to ensure you get the best price available in your area.

The actual make and brand of window can make a difference too. If you are getting a window that is argon-filled for example, it is going to cost more than a standard double-paned window.

The last factor you may want to consider is the time of year. Peak season is going to bring higher prices unless you have an installer that runs specials throughout the year.


Peak season generally occurs during the warmer and colder months as those are the months when people start to realize that heat or cold is making its way into the home through the cracks in older windows. Spring and Fall are both great seasons to have your windows replaced and can offer you a great alternative to having windows that are not all that great.

On average, most homeowners pay in the region of about $4,300 for new window installation. For larger projects, however, the cost to install windows can be in the region of about $10,000, or even more…